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Happy Halloween! We are in full swing of a busy trade show schedule and shipping out some scary good booths 🙂 This month our focus has been on trade show graphics and how important they are to your trade show booth. Great graphics are designed to work seamlessly with your booth design. You’ll need graphics that compliment your booth if you want to attract an audience, especially the RIGHT audience. Sometimes that can mean huge graphics that can be seen from across the exhibit hall. Other times, simplicity and minimalism are important to allow the booth to step aside and the product to speak for itself. Check out our client booth Anoma Stone to see what we mean.

Trade Show Booth Graphics

The human attention span is a fickle thing. Our brains have instincts and protocols hardwired in that affect our focus. Our survival instincts cause us to constantly scan our environment very quickly until we choose to focus on something. The key is knowing how to position your booth as something worthy of focus in a visually cluttered and noisy environment. Your graphics will be what makes your booth stand out.

Using Booth Graphics to Attract Your Audience in a Sea of Attendees

Featured Booth: Anoma Stone

Anoma Stone booth

The Anoma Stone booth is gorgeous in its form, function and simplicity. The display disappears in the background so the product can be the star of the show. When your product needs to shine, your booth should stand in the background.

Check out the booth photos

Anoma Stone booth
Anoma Stone sitting area
Anoma Stone tradeshow booth
Anoma Stone Seats
Anoma Stone exhibit feature
Anoma Stone panels

If you think your booth graphics could be better or you want a second opinion on how they work with your overall booth design (and your position on the trade show floor), please contact us anytime.

That’s all for this installment of our newsletter. As always, if we can help you with any of your 3D marketing needs, please let us know. We love to help!

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