Rent a custom designed trade show booth

Are you tired of using the same trade show booth year after year but don’t have the budget to buy a new one? We can help with that!

Get a custom designed trade show booth at a fraction of the cost of a new one by renting from Xibeo.

We have a huge selection of inventory that can be combined into unlimited design styles so you get exactly what you need to be successful at your next trade show.

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Packed trade show booth rentals

Get the new look you want

Our award-winning design will customize any size trade show booth to give you exactly what you need to maximize your impact.  Make attendees flock to your booth.

When attendance is what makes or breaks your success at a trade show, you want a booth that is modern, stylish, and attractive. Our custom designed rental booths are the perfect solution. We understand trade shows and will design a booth that takes advantage of positioning, attendee flow, lighting, and your brand messaging to ensure you stand out from the crowd!

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Take advantage of our extensive inventory to build your custom designed booth rental! No storage fees between shows!

Which style do you need?

Double deck trade show booths

Double Deck Booth

A double-deck exhibit is a great way to add space and functionality to your exhibit without increasing the size and cost of your footprint. Having an upper deck designed into your exhibit also provides a secure place for private meetings and events.

Island trade show booths

Island Booth

Island exhibits are created for booth spaces with aisles on all four sides. Sizes typically start at 20’ x 20’ but we can create exhibits up to 50’ x 100’ and even larger.  We design these with many factors in mind to take full advantage of your position in the exhibit hall.

Peninsula trade show booths

Peninsula Booth

Peninsula exhibits are typically 20’ x 20’ or more and are created for booth spaces that have aisles on three sides. It is important to know where the main entrances and aisles are to determine where the main focus, or entrance, should be placed for maximum exposure.

Linear trade show booths

Linear Booth

Linear exhibits are created for use in 2 or more 10’ x 10’ exhibit spaces in a row. When designing a linear booth, it’s important to know whether your booth space is on a corner, between two other exhibitors or completely open on three sides.

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