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Creating Effective Trade Show Booths

The key to success when creating a brand new trade show booth is to design based on your business goals.

If you are selling products, you should design from the viewpoint of the attendees.  What will attendees want to look at while they move through your booth? It should be set up so that customers can have room to examine your products, make decisions, and then move through to purchase.

If lead generation is your goal, you must consider how your employees will need to use the space.  Your new booth should be inviting and attractive to draw attendees in.  What do you need then for your employees to collect leads?  Or perhaps it will be attendee-volunteered leads for a prize?  Whichever you decide, the booth should be designed accordingly.

Lighting is important as well. Your shop should keep customers interested, but accommodate the in-and-out shopper as well.

Creating effective trade show booths
Creating effective trade show booths