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Frequently Asked Questions

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Both consist of laminated or fabric covered panels, but the portable panel consists of panel sizes that can fit into UPS size cases. Custom modular panels can be any size up to 4’x 8′ and come in a variety of angles and radio.
Wait time is a term shipping companies use when their trucks must sit in line to be unloaded at the docks during move-in at a trade show. You usually experience wait time when you ship direct to show. As this is an unknown and uncontrolled factor, it will most certainly affect your final shipping bill compared to any quotes you may have gotten beforehand.
As long as the artwork you provide us is prepared per our specifications and ready to output, 3 – 5 business days.
There are certainly other choices out there, but the owners wanted to offer clients an alternative to the standard exhibit house. While the services we provide are comparable, Xibeo takes more time to work with our clients on a personal level to make sure a design is found that fits what you want, not what we want to sell you. We believe strongly in developing a partnership with our clients and building a trusting and lasting relationship to help you with every aspect of your tradeshow marketing needs.
Depends on what you purchased. If it is completely custom the completion time is based on how complex a job and how big – expected anywhere from 4-6 weeks or longer. If it is a simple portable or custom modular, 10 working days for most pop-up and portable panel displays, 3-4 weeks for custom modular panel systems.
Lambda is a graphics term used to describe the Lambda Print process. This is a process that takes digital files and converts them into photo-realistic quality. It is a little more than standard ink-jet digital graphics, but if you desire correct color saturation, and extreme detail, Lambda is the most cost effective choice when using digital files.
Yes we can. We have Graphics designers who can meet with you personally or over the phone and help create the iamge you with to portray. Even if you have no artwork, we can get low cost stock photography and manipulate the images to create the right marketing image you want.