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At WCEI®, we offer a variety of wound care seminars, classes, online training and support that prepare clinicians for the Wound Care Certified (WCC®), Diabetic Wound Certified® (DWC®), and Ostomy Management Specialist® (OMS) board certifications. But our wound care training is so much more than just a way to pass an exam.

wound care

Course Options to Fit Your Learning Style

Not only is WCEI® wound care training designed to motivate, inspire and capture your attention, we offer both onsite and online courses and events to fit your learning and lifestyle needs. All are designed to teach and engage in meaningful ways, elevate your expertise and improve patient outcomes. Which one is right for you?

Onsite courses. These classroom-style options are live, in-person, and held in various locations throughout each year. With charismatic, certified instructors leading the way, you’ll gain real-world, practical knowledge that can be taken back home and applied the minute you walk into your work facility.

Online courses. Accessible on your own laptop or computer, online courses are convenient and self-paced – you get to learn and study whenever and wherever you want. Fully narrated (and never boring), they are replicas of our onsite courses, complete with questions and answers at the end of each module. Find out more about our Learning Management System under each online course description.

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