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ASAIO (formerly known as the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs) is a world class society that has been in existence for over 62 years. It strives to “save lives one medical device at a time”. ASAIO’s mission is to provide a forum that globally and collaboratively promotes the development of innovative medical device technology at the crossroads of science, engineering, and medicine. This is synergistically accomplished by our interdisciplinary and talented membership comprised of clinicians, scientists, engineers, industry, academia, the financial community, as well as representatives from the Food & Drug Administration, National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.


Engine of innovation

ASAIO welcomes and embraces new disciplines, procedures and concepts that contribute to a common goal of assisting or regenerating organ function. Inviting uncertainty and promoting an open exchange of ideas remain hallmarks of the Society. Young and senior investigators have a unique opportunity to present new innovations that may portend future medical technologies that challenge the conventional and current clinical treatment paradigms of today. The Society is an engine for promoting and facilitating innovation in medical and biological technologies.

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