How to Attract Attendees to your Booth using a Double Deck

Are you wondering how a double deck trade show booth can help you improve your trade show marketing? The answer is simple! It is an extremely effective method for attracting an audience to your booth.

When trade show attendees walk on to a show floor, their first instinct is to look up. There’s so much clutter at eye level – lights, graphics, video, and sales associates calling out like carnival barkers – all vying for attention. Looking up is how attendees navigate the floor.

Attendees usually know what they came for. They have a list of the companies they want to see all mapped out, so they look up, for the aisle signs.

Dotted within those signs, amongst the sea of hanging signs, is you, perched on top of your double deck trade show booth, surveying the scene below, with your logo proudly displayed below you.

Attendees will think you must be one of the big shots, so they’ll make a note of your company name and remind themselves to stop at your booth space…

intro to why double deck trade show booth

Benefits of using a double deck exhibit

double deck booth upper deck meeting

A double deck trade show booth is typically created for island booth spaces from 20’ x 20’ and bigger with at least a20’ clear height.

Aside from the immediate benefits noted above, a double-deck exhibit is a more efficient use of your booth space, which you have undoubtedly paid a premium price for. It’s a great way to add space and functionality to your exhibit without increasing the size and cost of your footprint.

This added space can be used as a secure place for private meetings, hospitality events and celebrity appearances.

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stand out with a double deck booth

A double deck built into your exhibit makes you stand out on the show floor, leaving your attendees with the impression of success and stability.

This instills trust and confidence, and positions you as an industry leader in their minds.

That’s one benefit you can’t put a price on!

Stand out in a sea of single story booths

How much does a double deck booth cost?

Many companies assume that a double deck booth is not within their budget, and that used to be the case. Years ago, the only option for a double deck booth was to buy it, and they always came with a hefty price tag.

That changed with the addition of rental options. Now, renting is the method most often used, and typically most sensible way, to incorporate a double deck into your exhibit.

By renting, you gain all the benefits of using a double deck as laid out above, at about 1/3 the cost of the purchase price.

Should I rent or buy a double deck then?

The general rule of thumb for standard, single story, rental exhibits is if you’ve rented it three times, you’ve purchased it. So it would make sense to buy a booth you are going to use repeatedly.

However, this scenario doesn’t apply when it comes to long term ownership of double decks. The shipping and drayage costs alone can add up to as much as the purchase price after just a few uses.

When renting, these costs, along with the set and strike costs, are typically built in to the final rental price, and at a much lower cost.

The only real case for owning a double deck exhibit would be if you had plenty of free space to store it, had your own trucks to make delivery, if you needed investment write offs for your business for tax purposes, or if you had several divisions of your company, or partners, to rent it to thereby offering an opportunity to offset some of these costs.

Rent Double Deck Exhibit

Custom Double Deck Rentals

Renting a trade show exhibit can be a very convenient alternative to buying. You can have the impact of a customized display without committing to a particular format or size for the long-term.

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If you are unsure whether you should rent or buy, we are happy to help you figure that out.