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Katzkin Leather, the leading provider of custom automotive leather, exhibits in a large 30×60 booth space every year at the legendary SEMA trade show. And while their remarkable products are regularly featured in over 100 different vehicles at the show, their own trade show booth is a major piece to their marketing.

Over the last 10 years, Katzkin has partnered with Xibeo to make sure they have an outstanding display that stands out from the other exhibitors and showcases their incredible product. Their display is built around a 24 foot tall main “tower” that dominates the skyline in the exhibit hall, drawing in a huge crowd. The tower base serves as a conference room with another portion used as a combination break room and storage room.

Katzkin Tower

The rest of the tower is completed with two double-stacked rotating banner signs. A 6 foot high rotating sign is attached to the tower base and an 8 foot tall sign hangs just inches above the lower sign, rotating in the opposite direction. This tactic gives the impression of a tower, while staying within the requirements of the trade show floor.
Katzkin seats at SEMA
The rest of their booth space is devoted to showing just how exceptional their product is. They feature several car and truck seats in different colors and styles throughout their booth. And who can resist the bad ass rides they use to show off their best work?

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As you can see from their previous show videos, their booth commands attention and that attention is lavished on their product displays. This combination delivers the right marketing to the right audience and ensures trade show success every time.

With our extensive rental inventory, and custom capabilities, we can make their booth new and exciting each year without the need to be locked into the same design each show. As one of our many rental clients, they understand the value of having the flexibility of changing their booth concept each year without the accompanying budget-busting cost of a new build.

Because we build everything on-site, we are able to quickly provide any changes they need every year without hassle or huge costs. Graphics changes are made easy as well, requiring only the graphics files themselves for us to make the changes.

The best part about working with Katzkin is the creative partnership between Miles Hubbard, Katzkin’s marketing director and Xibeo’s award winning design team. Every year, Miles presents a model to scale from which we then build in reality using our inventory of rental components. If we don’t have something they need, we simply create it for Katzkin to rent.

In the end, what is provided as a sample concept, comes to life at the show. A reality built so accurately it’s hard to tell which is the model and which is the real booth when you see the photos of them side by side.

2012 SEMA Katzkin Booth
2016 Katzkin SEMA booth
2017 Katzkin SEMA booth

Working with Miles has become a partnership in creativity. We bounce ideas off each other each show to create the final look. We’ve worked together long enough for him to trust our creative input, and we’ve come to know his company’s marketing strategy well enough to offer design ideas that tie-in with the overall message he creates each year.

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