Xibeo Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 7

Many of you are gearing up for your 2018 trade show schedules and we are in full swing with booth builds to help you make it happen.  Our shop is humming along with many new projects.  We thank you all for making us a part of your trade show marketing.  Remember, we can help you with [...]

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Xibeo Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 6

Happy New Year!  It is our sincere hope that you had the most wonderful time over the holiday season, spending it with those you love and those who love you.  We are excited to get started with 2018 and we are already busy with new booths for the upcoming trade show season.  We've got [...]

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Xibeo Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 5

Happy Halloween! We are in full swing of a busy trade show schedule and shipping out some scary good booths :) This month our focus has been on trade show graphics and how important they are to your trade show booth. Great graphics are designed to work seamlessly with your booth design. You’ll need graphics [...]

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Xibeo Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 4

Xibeo Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 4 Welcome to fall!  We are back from vacation and already running strong on the fall trade show season.  Hopefully your summer didn't blow by as quickly as ours did!  We spent a ton of time streamlining our booth production and design operations and we’re ready to tackle the upcoming [...]

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Xibeo Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 3 August 2017

We have some good stuff for you this month, including the announcement of the addition of a blog to our website, a feature write up of a major production we completed this summer, and a new design style that is perfect for promoting your brand via retail. Before we get to those though, we wanted [...]

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Xibeo Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2

It's July and we are officially in the slow season of trade show marketing.  I know many of you have taken the opportunity to go on vacation and recharge.  We love our summer vacations!  But, this summer, we have taken advantage of the slow season to catch our breath from an amazing first six [...]

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Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the new and improved email newsletter by Xibeo. We are excited to bring you the latest and greatest trade show news, tips and tricks, and videos and photos behind the scenes here at Xibeo. Recent Updates A few months ago, we launched our new website. If you haven't [...]

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