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If you are in need of an updated retail environment, or you want to create one at your next trade show, you need to check out the backlit tension fabric light boxes.  They feature a sleek, modern profile and are constructed out of sturdy aluminum frames, silver feet, and dye-sublimation graphic fabric.

You can wash these in a regular washing machine should the material get dirty.  The fabric is very cost effective, especially over the traditional Duratrans graphics in older generation light boxes.

backlit fabric light box

The frames can be free standing or mounted via their magnetized brackets.  The edgeless frames leave more room than ever for your graphics.  The best part is, you can combine free standing shelving and brackets for product display.

They are light, and easy enough for one person to assemble and install.  With the available case, they are easy to transport, making them ideal for any booth environment.

hanging light box in store

The quality of the graphic printed on the fabric is equal to traditional print materials of the past and constantly getting better. Also, fabric is a longer lasting material that can easily be transported without fear of getting folded or damaged by mishandling.

These are great marketing tools if you need to promote your brand via retail locations, lobbies, or if you wish to recreate a retail environment at your next trade show. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

lightboxes behind magnetic shelves